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Recycle Club

Did you know that our school recycles more than just plastic bottles and aluminum cans?  This year, we have added two more waste items that we will collect.  Please sort and collect these items from home to help us keep these harmful products out of the landfills.


Alkaline batteries:  any small battery (A, AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt); place in a small baggie and deposit in the front office of the school.  Please no cell phone batteries.

Dry markers:  this includes coloring markers, dry erase markers, sharpies, and highlighters.  Bring the items to your student's classroom and the teacher will deposit them in the Rotunda of the B Building.  Thank you Crayola for providing this service!

Plastic bottles & Aluminum cans: continue to drop these recyclables at the curb in front of the school, or give them to your student to bring to class.  For this first trimester of school, we have collected $134.57 in recycled goods.  Money collected will go to sustaining our club and using it to benefit our school.  Thank you!