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Candace Abrahamson - Vice Principal

Candace Abrahamson

Hello Don Callejon!
My name is Candace Abrahamson and I am incredibly honored to serve as your Vice Principal.
As I believe that building strong relationships between the school and the community it serves
is vital to its success, I will share a bit about myself, and look forward to learning more about all
of you.
I hail from the Great Pacific Northwest, where I completed both my undergraduate and
graduate studies in Seattle, Washington. The first eight years of my career as an educator were
spent serving the same district and neighborhood schools that I attended as a student myself! I
come to Don Callejon with a decade of experience teaching and coaching grades K-5 where I
dedicated my practice to creating student-centered learning environments that honor the
unique strengths and perspectives that each student and family bring to the classroom.
I am deeply committed to ensuring that that every student receives high quality instruction, has
opportunities for sense making, is seen and positioned as competent, and is part of a
productive, supportive and equitable learning environment here at Don Callejon.
I look forward to serving and learning alongside you this school year!