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Staff Directory

Staff Email and Websites

The staff members listed below can be contacted via email through School Loop, the website hosting service used by Don Callejon School.  To contact a teacher using the email form, please click on the envelope icon next to his/her name.

Some teachers have their own websites hosted through School Loop.  If a website is available, you may click on a teacher's name highlighted in orange below to access his/her page.

Alcoriza, Anna Teacher
Alvies, Clair (408) 423-3446 ex.3446 Kindergarten Teacher
Borgstadt, Miss (408) 423-3411 Kindergarten Teacher
Brown, Dana (408) 423-3414 6th Grade Reading, Science, Language Arts Teacher
Burnette, Brenna Teacher
Claunch, Amber (408) 423-3459 4th Grade Teacher Rm E2
Connelly, Shannon (408) 423-3304 3rd Grade Teacher E-3
Covey, Julie Teacher
Galano, Pam Assistant Principal
Gall, Eligia Teacher
Georgatos, Christina (408) 423-3325 7th Grade English, Social Studies, Yearbook Teacher
Griffin, Mr. ex.x3402 7/8th Grade PE Teacher
Hayden, Vanessa Teacher
Hellingson, Tyler (408) 423-3422 7/8th Grade Teacher
Henry, Mrs. Teacher
Hope, Briana Teacher
Kelly, Ms. Teacher
Kontich, Jennifer Teacher
Kozlow, Liz (408) 423-3354 Grade 6-8 Academic Counselor
Le, Melissa Teacher
Lindsay, Joy Teacher
Loquaci, Kim Teacher
Martin, Vicki (408) 423-3401 ex.3401 Middle School 6th-8th PE Teacher
Martinez, Mary Principal
Nickerson, Megan Teacher
Page, Pam Teacher
Raffetto, Kathleen (408) 423-3400 ex.3451 Teacher
Roth Soto, Janis (408) 423-3426 8th Grade English and History Teacher; Read 180 Teacher
Selwa, Melissa Teacher
Slowinski, Kenneth Teacher
Sousa, Isabel Teacher
Spencer, Helen Teacher
Supp, Janette Teacher
Surber, Christine Teacher
Tanaka, Ms. Meredith (408) 423-3442 2nd grade Teacher
Tu, Xuong Teacher
Uyeda, Ms. Whitney (408) 423-3415 6th Teacher: Rdg., L.A, & S.S.
Wallace, Melissa ex.(408)423-3423 7th Grade Math Teacher and Leadership Teacher
Watson, Amanda Teacher
Weddle, Mrs. (408) 423-3351 Resource Teacher
Wildwind, Ariele (408) 423-3432 Math Teacher/Department Chair
Williams, Alice (408) 423-3445 1st Grade Teacher, 8th Grade Girls Volleyball Coach
Woodward, Krista (408) 423-3427 7th & 8th grade science teacher
Young, Graham (408) 423-3302 5th Grade Teacher-Room B17

Legacy Staff Directory

As we migrate to School Loop, we are only actively updating the directory above.  The list of names and contact information below are provided for reference, although some of this information is now obsolete.

First Name Last Name Position Room Phone Email
Kevin Altamirano Teacher - Special Education B13 423-3352 kaltamirano@scusd.net
Clair Alvies Teacher - Kindergarten D2 423-3446 calvies@scusd.net
Araceli Arreola Secretary - Middle School Office 423-3309 aarreola@scusd.net
Kenneth  Bertron Elementary P.E.   423-3300 kbertron@scusd.net
Toni Blaisdell Noon Duty Supervisor   423-3300  
Tanisha Borgstadt Teacher - Kindergarten D5 423-3411 tborgstadt@scusd.net
Lori Borofka Psychologist Office 423-3322 lborofka@scusd.net
Dana Brown Teacher - 6th Grade B6 423-3414 dbrown@scusd.net
Brenna Burnette Teacher - Kindergarten D1 423-3441 bburnette@scusd.net
Amber Claunch Teacher - 4th Grade E2 423-3459 aclaunch@scusd.net
Jose Covarrubias Custodian - Night Shift   423-3300  
Julie Covey Teacher –7/8th Spanish/ Tech/ EL Facilitator B2 423-3429 jcovey@scusd.net
Carson Crites Psychologist Office 423-3011 ccrites@scusd.net
Julie Denholm Extended Care Director D6/Office 423-3317 jdenholm@scusd.net
Katie Devine Speech Teacher B19 423-3353 kdevine@scusd.net
Sean Devine Aide - Special Education B13 423-3352 sdevine@scusd.net
Lauren Estes Elementary Prep Release   423-3300 lestes@scusd.net
Lisa Farmer Secretary - Elementary Office 423-3310 lfarmer@scusd.net
Rebecca  Ferguson Noon Duty Supervisor Sub   423-3300  
Jason Fery Teacher - Art B11 423-3430 jfery@scusd.net
Linda  Galano Cafeteria Manager Cafeteria 423-3390  
Pamela Galano Vice Principal Office 423-3423 pgalano@scusd.net
Marilou Garces-Ling Noon Duty Supervisor   423-3300  
Anthony  Gooch Aide -  1:1   423-3300 agooch@scusd.net
Daryl Griffin Teacher - 7th/8th P.E. MPR 423-3402 dgriffin@scusd.net
Vanessa Hayden Teacher – 8th Science B14 423-3425 vhayden@scusd.net
Tyler Hellingson Teacher - 7th Grade Core B9 423-3422 thellingson@scusd.net
Karen Henry Teacher - 6th Grade    B4 423-3413 khenry@scusd.net
Jennifer Hirzel Nurse Office 423-3320 jhirzel@scusd.net
Yvette Jones Tran Aide – Special Education   423-3300  
Jennifer Kelly Teacher - 3rd Grade E7 423-3447 jkkelly@scusd.net
Jennifer Kontich Teacher - 1st Grade D10 423-3444 jkontich@scusd.net
Elizabeth Kozlow Guidance Counselor Office 423-3354 lkozlow@scusd.net
Melissa Le Teacher – 2nd/3rd Grade E9 423-3458 mcle@scusd.net
Francisco Lepe Custodian    423-3300  
Joy Lindsay Teacher - 3rd Grade E3 423-3304 jlindsay@scusd.net
Kim Loquaci Teacher - Special Education SDC B8 423-3421 kloquaci@scusd.net
Eleazar Lustre Custodian - Swing Shift   423-3300  
Rafael Maldonado Aide - Special Education   423-3300 rmaldonado@scusd.net
Vicki Martin Teacher - 6th-8th P.E. MPR 423-3401 vmartin@scusd.net
Mary Martinez Principal Office 423-3301 mamartinez@scusd.net
Jeanne McElroy Health Clerk Office 423-3321 jmcelroy@scusd.net
Christina  Natale Teacher 7th Core/8th Grade English B2 423-3325 cnatale@scusd.net
Pam Page Teacher - Music MPR 423-3403 ppage@scusd.net
Ginny Parker Aide – Special Education   423-3300 gparker@scusd.net
Jacqueline Phan Noon Duty Supervisor   423-3300  
Kathleen Raffetto Teacher - 4th/5th Grade B16 423-3451 kraffetto@scusd.net
Janis Roth-Soto Teacher - 8th Core/7th English B18 423-3426 jrothsoto@scusd.net
Sandy Schwoerer Attendance Clerk Office 423-3311 sschwoerer@scusd.net
Melissa Selwa Teacher - 2nd Grade E6 423-3456 mselwa@scusd.net
Kenny Slowinski Teacher - 3rd Grade E11 423-3452 kslowinski@scusd.net
Marleas Smith Elementary P.E.   423-3300 mwadesmith@scusd.net
Isabel Sousa Teacher - 1st Grade E7 423-3344 isousa@scusd.net
Helen Spencer Teacher - 2nd Grade E4 423-3453 hspencer@scusd.net
Janette Supp Teacher - 8th Core/Study Skills B2 423-3323 jsupp@scusd.net
Christine Surber Teacher - Kindergarten D3 423-3455 csurber@scusd.net
Meredith Tanaka Teacher - 2nd Grade E5 423-3442 mtanaka@scusd.net
Michele  Taylor Librarian Library 423-3340 mataylor@scusd.net
Leanne Thomas Reading Intervention Specialist DRC 423-3428 lthomas@scusd.net
Tanisha Thorp Teacher - 5th Grade B17 423-3450 tmthorp@scusd.net
Xuong Tu Teacher - 6th Grade/Leadership    B5 423-3412 xtu@scusd.net
Buick Tuua YMCA Office 423-3424 btuua@ymcasv.org
Whitney Uyeda Teacher - 6th Grade B3 423-3415 wuyeda@scusd.net
Bryan Venturini Custodian - Head   423-3336 bventurini@scusd.net
Melissa Wallace Teacher – Algebra/Math 7/Math 6 B10 423-3423 mwallace@scusd.net
Amanda Watson Teacher - 2nd Grade E5 423-3454 awatson@scusd.net
Carmelita Weddle Teacher - Special Education SDC B8 423-3351 cweddle@scusd.net
Ariele Wildwind Teacher - Math 8/Algebra/Algebra Support B15 423-3432 awildwind@scusd.net
Alice Williams Teacher - 1st Grade D9 423-3445 awilliams@scusd.net
Krista Woodward Teacher - 7th/8th Science B12 423-3427 kwoodward@scusd.net
Graham Young Teacher - 5th Grade B17 423-3302 gyoung@scusd.net
Briana Zaporta Teacher - 1st Grade D8 423-3448 bzaporta@scusd.net