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Report Card Standards

Standards Brochures by Grade

Advantages of a Standards-Based Report Card

In addition to providing you and your student with greater detail about achievement and progress to-ward grade level standard, the standards-based report card has other advantages. A standards-based grading and reporting system will:

  • Allow students more than one opportunity to show what they know, understand, and can do
  • Make grading more clear and consistent
  • Give feedback to students and parents so that students can work to improve their performance or redo an assignment
  • Connect grading and reporting to district standards

The ultimate goal of all achievement reporting is the improvement of the educational and develop-mental experiences of all children. Our grading system will help our district accomplish this goal.

Report Card Standards vs. Benchmark Assessments

Standard scores represent a student's growth to-ward end-of-year standards and is based on a variety of daily assignments. Benchmark assessment scores represent a one time assessment score that does not necessarily show a student's complete progress towards end of year standard.

Additional Content Standards

Content Standards for Science, History-Social Science, Health, Physical Education, and Visual & Performing Arts can be found at the California De-partment of Education's website:


Technology Literacy Standards can be found at the International Society for Technology in Education's website:

http://www.iste.org/Content/NavigationMenu/NETS/ForStudents/2007 Standards/ NETS_for_Students_2007.htm